Brandie is in every sense a love gift for the world to enjoy. She is a beaming smile of Sunshine, a shining light of joy and a bundle of sweet love. Though the battle of seizures, scoliosis and critical respiration problems has been an uphill battle Brandie has persevered and made her way through. Battle after battle my sweet child has overcome as each storm passes through she’s never ceased to break through the storm with her colorful smile.

Although the struggle has been difficult she still faces each day with that unforgettable grin that radiates innocence, trust and above all love. I have been blessed beyond measure and given a gift that exceeds far beyond what I could have ever unwrapped on my own.

The softness of my sweet Child’s laughter infuses and permeates the hearts of those in her atmosphere.

Retts syndrome may be her diagnoses but it’s surely not her identity.

-Brandie’s mom