On a shelf perches an angel with broken wings, an impression of Laura Leigh. Laura Leigh’s fragile form battered by seizures, scars a grueling scoliosis and femur surgery, indentations that were once pressure sores caused by a cast worn after a hip surgery, and feeding tubes testify to the cruel disorder called Rett Syndrome. What about the person beneath the shell of the savage disease? Soft blue-gray eyes radiate a purity that melts the human heart. Those ethereal eyes have spoken volumes: love, joy and a peace that passes all understanding. A child labeled “unteachable” has taught the greatest lessons in life: unconditional love, unselfishness, to take naught for granted, and to appreciate the simple, often overlooked, pleasures in life. Yes, indeed, Laura Leigh is an angel with broken wings. And one day, probably sooner than later,those wings will be mended when she floats into heaven’s gates into the arms of her Savior.