Maddy is a fun, loving, beautiful, almost 13 year old! She is in 7th grade and loves hanging out with friends. She loves Harry Potter and The Wiggles. She uses a Tobii Communication Device to chat with family & friends. She even tells her mom that her cooking is “yucky” then cracks up laughing.

Maddy is a military child and has moved many times. She is resilient and used to change. Every few years she has to start over with new schools, teachers, paras, friends, house, and doctors etc. and she always goes into her new life with smiles and before long has everyone in love with her.

She was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome at age 2 1/2. Things haven’t been easy but with her strength and courage she continues to thrive. She is even enrolled in a drug trial as we speak.

Maddie can be lucky to have a very special sister, Anna, a kind 5th grader with a heart of gold. For the past few summers she has organized and operated a lemonade stand outside of her home in Colorado Springs benefiting the Rett Clinic. She has collected $800 and hand delivered it to the Rocky Mountain Rett Association! You can read more about this great story here.