My name is Mia.

I’m 3 years old. I was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome right after I turned 2.
My mama and papa first thought something was different about me when I was about 9 months old. I would twirl my hands around in the air a lot when I was excited. I also wasn’t using many words.  I would whisper papa and say book, but, that’s about all. I went through a developmental assessment when I was about 14 months old and was diagnosed with Autism at 18 months. I started behavioral therapy and after just a couple of sessions my new behavioral therapist asked my parents if anyone had talked to them about Rett Syndrome. No one had yet, and, after a little research on the internet, they thought that it sounded like me. A blood test confirmed that’s what I have.
I’ve been working very hard with my therapists since I was 18 months old to maintain and learn new skills. It’s really tricky to get my hands to do what I want them to – they’re always moving up and down to my mouth. Right now I’m working with my therapists at preschool to make choices and answer questions by touching picture cards and tapping pictures on my iPad. I also use my iPad to say hi to my friends at school and to take turns when we play a game. I use buttons to request things at school like for more food at lunch or for help to get something out of my cubby.

I love animals, they make me really happy. We go to the park near our home a lot to swing on the swings and see all the dogs running around. I started hippotherapy last summer and I love riding on the big horses, especially backwards for some reason that makes me laugh a lot. I’m getting pretty good at holding on to the handles on the saddle; especially when we trot.