Nora is 4 1/2 years old and was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome when she turned two.

Nora learned to walk just before she turned 3. Nora uses a button at meal times to tell us when she wants another bite and uses a picture on her button to help make a choice between a bite and a drink. Through buttons mounted on the wall with pictures above them, Nora is learning to communicate even more as she gets older. Nora prefers to use the potty to do her business and we have success there! Last summer Nora was able to have horse therapy and she loved her horse Firecracker.

She loves butterfly kisses, ice cream, fruit snacks (really, food in general), pretty light-up toys, her swing, babies, any faces, and lots of snuggles. Nora loves her two little brothers, Coen who is 3 and Nico who is 7 months. Nora has lots of friends and family that she loves to be around and they give her lots of love and attention.