Shoshana was born in 1985. She developed normally at first, and was able to grasp objects and was beginning to say a few words. Before she was a year old, she was lagging in some of her developmental targets, although she was still within normal ranges. Over the next months she lost some of her abilities, particularly in terms of use of her hands. At that time, Rett Syndrome was rarely diagnosed, and she was not diagnosed until 1988.

Shoshana was able to learn to walk (at about 4 years of age). She remains ambulatory and when she is familiar with a place, she can walk purposefully to known, favorite locations there. She has little desire to do anything useful with her hands, holding them together in a typical Rett pose or sticking them in her mouth, but she has a very small repertoire of other purposeful actions. Otherwise, she needs nearly total assistance for hygiene, nutrition, dressing and most other activities. She is very small for her age, and she is non-verbal but can often communicate things she wants. She enjoys music, walking, and the outdoors, and appears very happy to be around people. One of her favorite things is to find a comfortable chair with a view in which she can supervise the activities going on around her, or check out the outdoors.

Shoshana graduated from Thomas Jefferson High School, where she enjoyed the Unified Sports program and was a hit in the Fashion Show she was able to model very petite sizes. She loves adaptive swimming, horseback riding and skiing. She is now in Adult Day Care, and lives at home, where she tolerates her family.