Thank you all for coming to our Family, Friends & Volunteer Recognition Event on August 11th, 2018. It was a beautiful day with blue sky, lots of sunshine and high temperatures!

A thank you goes to Justin Johnson, a Rett dad from Wyoming, who blew us away with his musical talent. Kelly Gates, a Rett mom and owner of ColoradoZooGo, a local company that lets you build your own bear at events and birthday parties. Her bears were very popular and they even featured a RMRA shirt! John and Roberta Schaffner together with Bob Shorma were our grill masters again with their Chuck Wagon dinner with Cowboy Fajitas! Artsy Face provided face painting for all the kids (and some adults too!)

This event was organized as a social get-together and not the typical annual fundraiser that RMRA usually sets up in the form of the Walk N’ Roll. The RMRA board also wanted to recognize individuals for their commitments and contributions.

1. Tristen Dinkel, Nurse Coordinator for the Rett Clinic, for going above and beyond in making the clinic a wonderful and well-run experience for our families
2. Trace Wilson, Physical therapist, who has provided support and services to many children with special needs, and in particular recognized for his care, dedication, and service to Allison Rose
3. Therapists Carrie, Andrea, Hillary, Erin and Joy for their dedication and services to children with special needs, an in particular in support of Brooke Allen
4. Kevin Brown, friend of Tim Moore for his support of the Walk N’ Roll and Risers 4 Rett
5. Missy Kroll for her commitment to the Walk and for supporting the auction each year by preparing baskets for the auction.
6. Brett McGatlin, Incredibly accomplished Head Football Coach at Chatfield High School whose football team members have been supporting each walk through volunteering each year.
7. Cathy Shorma, Spaghetti dinner auction organizer, she has spent years organizing the Auction at the Spaghetti dinner, we also acknowledge her sister who has also been a big support in this effort
8. Roberta Schaffner, wife of John Schaffner, who has quietly provided Chuck Wagon help and meal service every single year
9. Carole Davis, who helped facilitate the connections to the donors to help make the endowment for the Rett Clinic a possibility
10. Mrs. Beth and daughter Corbin, for their unwavering commitment and support to Tatum Moore
11. Amanda Jacksha, Treasurer of CDKL5 organization, the International Foundation for CDKL5 Research, which will be contributing generously to the operations for the Rett Clinic going forward. Amanda has communicated and contributed tirelessly to brig our organizations more closely together.

See the Youtube video about the recognition part of the event and check out some pictures below.