Rett DM Drug Trial

We invite male and female patients with Rett syndrome (RTT) who are 1-9.99 years of age with a mutation in the MECP2 gene, to take part in our Placebo-controlled trial of Dextromethorphan in Rett Syndrome research study JHM-IRB Study # NA_00064949, at the Kennedy Krieger Institute.

We determine if the child is a fast metabolizer of the drug, dextromethorphan (DM), and if so s/he can be included in the 3-month double blind placebo-controlled trial.

This Rett DM Drug Trial research study is sponsored by the FDA and by the Johns Hopkins Institute for Clinical and Translational Research (ICTR). As part of this study’s Protocol, the trial drug/placebo, the inpatient hospital stay/studies and interim evaluations are free to participants. The patient and a legal caregivers air travel cost or round trip mileage driven is reimbursed.

For further details kindly contact us at phone #443-923-2778, or 1-800-873-3377 ext 2778, or by emailing Barbara Ann Bradford for details at


SakkuBai Naidu, MD
Principal Investigator