Reps For Rett wins $10,000 for RMRA

On September 30th and October 1st, the final stage of the Do More Charity Challenge took place at the Front Range Crossfit in Denver, CO. It was the 3rd annual cross fit challenge comprised by three parts, fundraising, social media and a fitness challenge – cross fit style. You can read more about the set up in one of our past blog posts.

In 2017, 16 teams of six people each participated and ended up splitting the price pool of $123,500. Overall $200,000 was raised for the fundraising part and over 2,500 posts were made on the social media platforms Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #DMCC2017.

Team Reps for RettTeam Reps For Rett had trained hard the past few months to represent RMRA for the 3rd year in a row. The team achieved a #7 ranking in social media, #3 in fundraising and came in overall as #6, going home with prize money of $10,000 for the Rocky Mountain Rett Association. It was an amazing weekend filled with great athleticism, grit and determination. The Rocky Mountain Rett Association would like to thank the organizers of the Do More Charity Challenge and extend a thank you to the sponsors Community Banks of Colorado and Stinson Leonard Street. As a charity this means a lot to us!

All athletes competed honorably and we are in awe of all the dedication for the charities.

Most of all, thank you team Reps For Rett for helping our silent angels. The money will be put to good use at the Rett Clinic at Children’s Hospital and make it possible for more girls to visit the Rett Clinic! Even if most of our girls cannot speak, we admire you to use your bodies to help physically challenged children. You guys ROCK!


If you are reading this and get inspired to create your own fundraiser for the Rett Clinic, please contact us. We are happy to help.