Silent Angels

  • Shoshana was born in 1985. She developed normally at first, and was able to grasp objects and was beginning to say a few words. Before she was a year old, she was lagging in some of her developmental targets, although she was still within normal ranges. Over the next months she lost some of her […]

  • On October 27, 1998, Samantha was born a healthy baby girl, weighing 7lbs4oz. When she was 7 months old and still not sitting up, her pediatrician suspected that something may be wrong. At the time, I wasn’t too concerned because Samantha was so alert and active and could roll anywhere to get a toy. We […]

  • Nora is 4 1/2 years old and was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome when she turned two. Nora learned to walk just before she turned 3. Nora uses a button at meal times to tell us when she wants another bite and uses a picture on her button to help make a choice between a bite […]

  • On a shelf perches an angel with broken wings, an impression of Laura Leigh. Laura Leigh’s fragile form battered by seizures, scars a grueling scoliosis and femur surgery, indentations that were once pressure sores caused by a cast worn after a hip surgery, and feeding tubes testify to the cruel disorder called Rett Syndrome. What […]

  • Kathryn, 23 years old, loves to attend her adult day program, FRIENDS of Broomfield, where she gets to interact with peers and the community at large. She is all smiles when the FRIENDS bus comes and is still smiling when she comes back home. She enjoys riding horses every week at Front Range Hippotherapy, which […]

  • Hi! My name is Karley and I have a condition known as Rett Syndrome. I just turned 8 years old on August 5th. At 15 months old I had nearly 50 words in my vocabulary that I used daily. Slowly I began to lose these words and by the age of two I was no […]

  • Evelyn is a sweet 3 years old and has a CDKL5/Atypical Rett Disorder. She was a big healthy baby at birth, but after having a seizure at 2 weeks old we knew things were not right. Evelyn has always had development delays and still cannot walk, crawl, talk or feed herself. Her seizures are very […]

  • I am not sure if I have ever seen anyone enjoy life more than our 8 year old little girl Ella. Her smile will make the gloomiest Portland day turn 80 degrees and sunny. She loves to laugh, play with her little brothers Alex and Owen, listen to music, and wrestle with her Uncle Ryan. […]

  • Brandie is in every sense a love gift for the world to enjoy. She is a beaming smile of Sunshine, a shining light of joy and a bundle of sweet love. Though the battle of seizures, scoliosis and critical respiration problems has been an uphill battle Brandie has persevered and made her way through. Battle […]

  • Ava

    My name is Ava and I am a very happy girl with a brilliant sense of humor despite my plethora of daily challenges. I look forward to riding horses, family time, my school mates and fabulous food. I also have Atypical Rett Syndrome due to a deletion on my CDKL5 gene; it is recognized as […]

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