Patrick Callahan grew up in LaGrange, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. After receiving an undergraduate degree in 1987 from Drake University he moved to Colorado, where he vacationed as a kid and always knew he would return.

Since moving to Colorado, Patrick received a graduate degree from the University of Denver, has worked in the environmental engineering industry, and currently works in the energy sector.

During his time in Colorado, Patrick has continually dedicated time and resources to charities and organizations that are compelling and close to his heart. As the son of a coach, and as an athlete and sports enthusiast, Patrick understands that with effort, a strong team, and good leadership we can all RISE to life’s challenges and achieve great things!

Patrick now serves as the R4R Event Director, and serves on the Board of the Rocky Mountain Rett Association (RMRA). The R4R fly-fishing events help to fund the RMRA’s programs, primarily the Rett Clinic at the Children’s Hospital Denver.

As Patrick says, Rise to life’s challenges doing something you love, while helping someone else.