Go Team Reps for Rett in the Do More Charity Challenge

DoMoreCharityChallengeOn October 1st and 2nd more than 200 athletes will be sweating to support their passion organization; and six of them are sweating specifically for the Rocky Mountain Rett Association. Team Reps for Rett with Scott, Jasmine, Diana, Kristen, Matt and Dan, all well-seasoned, long time cross-fitters who have been going to Front Range Cross Fit for over nine years and all with impressive accomplishments. Scott is a 3 times CrossFit Games Masters Champion, Jasmine is a 3 times individual CrossFit Games athlete and Diana just made her debut at the 2016 CrossFit Games as a Master. Just to give you an idea. The team pretty much can handle the Cross Fit Challenge, but they need our help on other parts of the challenge. Reps for Rett raised almost $20,000 for the Rocky Mountain Rett Association in 2015, so read on to learn how you can support theteam-repsforrett-checkm this year. It’s easy!!

What does the Rocky Mountain Rett Association have to do with Cross Fit you might ask? It’s all part of the Do More Charity Challenge. Launched in 2015, it is being organized by the Front Range Cross Fit in Denver and presented by Community Banks of Colorado and Stinson Leonard Street. ColoradoGives.org acts as the destination for the fundraising funds raised, provided by Community First Foundation.

500 gyms are invited to participate with 36 teams being accepted. There are three parts to this challenge.

Fundraising Part

First, it’s a fundraising piece where teams are encouraged to set up fundraising efforts, from creating a ColoragoGives.org page to lemonade stands or silent auctions. Every dollar raised by corporate sponsors and teams who will compete in the event will go directly to non-profit organizations around Colorado. No additional fee is charged! FRCF Do More Charity Challenge raised over $200,000 dollars for charities in 2015!

What can you do? Please spread the word and support our Reps for Rett team by donating on: https://www.coloradogives.org/domore

If you want, just copy the information below and email it to your friends & family or post it on social media:

Help team Reps for Rett win the fundraising part of the Do More Charity Challenge. Donate generously now on https://www.coloradogives.org/domore

You have until 9/30!

Social Media Part

The second part is a social media contest. The Do More Charity Challenge posted an image of the different teams on their Facebook page and it is up to us to spread the word on social media. Each team earns points for likes and comments. The trick is to find the Reps for Rett team picture that looks like the one right here posted by the Do More Charity Challenge and then like and comment on it!team-repsforrett

Facebook: We can help Reps for Rett by commenting and liking (not sharing) this particular post

If you have a Twitter account, login and search for “Reps for Rett” or this hashtag: #RepsForRettDMCC, then love it.

Is Instagram more your thing? Then click here and show your love by liking & commenting.

Yes, the more we like and comment, the more points they are getting, so go ahead and be social. Do you have multiple accounts – great! Go ahead and like/comment on the post on all platforms!

It would be also fantastic if you can spread the word, for example share this post on Facebook:

Hello Friends and Family! Please support this amazing group of people that are dedicating their time and energy to support Rocky Mountain Rett Association through the Do More Charity Challenge. You can help them earn points by liking and commenting. So, type #RepsForRettDMCC in the search box of Facebook, scroll down to the picture of the Team Reps for Rett posted by Do More Charity Challenge on August 24th, then like it and also comment on it. The more engagement this picture gets, the more points they earn on competition day! Help us #domore this year for Colorado charities! You can also make a donation through https://www.coloradogives.org/domore

Fitness Part

As the third component of this contest, the teams are competing in a two day challenge, where they are judged by a variety of fitness workouts, including lunges, kettle bell swings, sand bag holds, pull-ups, burpees and lots more! If this all sounds foreign to you, then come and see for yourself what the teams are doing. Cheer on team Reps for Rett on October 1st and 2nd at the Front Range Cross Fit. It’s free plus there will be vendors offering products and tasting of delicious food.


Why does this all matter? Because if team Reps for Rett wins in the top 10 of the overall challenge, they do not only donate 100% of the funds raised in the fundraising part, but ALSO take home one of the top 10 winning prices. First place means that the top winning team gets $22,000 to give to their charity. The tenth winning team still gets $2,000!

We’ll keep you posted how the Do More Charity Challenge ends! In the meantime, go team Reps for Rett!

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