Do More Charity Challenge 2017

On September 30th and October 1st 36 teams of 6 athletes each will be participating in the 3rd annual Do More Charity Challenge at the Front Range CrossFit in Denver . The event is presented by Community Banks of Colorado and Stinson Leonard Street and is dedicated to support Colorado charities. Every dollar raised by corporate sponsors and teams who will compete in the event will go directly to non-profit organizations around Colorado. The Do More Charity Challenge is powered by more than 100,000 professional and amateur athletes in Colorado who train at one of the 500 gyms across the state.

Reps For Rett, a team of six athletes, is working towards raising money for the Rocky Mountain Rett Association for the third year in a row. Kristen Olson and Jasmine Dever are 5 times games athletes, Javier Del Castillo participated in one of the previous Do More Charity Challenge and Chad Allen, Amaria Sandis and Micah Dolcort-Silver (TJ) are joining the team for the first time this year. Reps For Rett has had amazing results in the past two Do More Charity Challenges. In 2015, the team raised almost $20,000 and in 2016, $15,000 for the RMRA.

There are three parts to the challenge:

Fundraising Part
Teams are encouraged to set up fundraising efforts, from creating a page to lemonade stands or silent auctions. Every dollar raised by corporate sponsors and teams who will compete in the event will go directly to non-profit organizations around Colorado. No additional fee is charged!

Social Media Part
Unlike previous years, only Twitter and Instagram count for the social media part and only posted pictures with the hashtags #RepsforRett and #DMCC2017. Unfortunately likes, comments or shares do not count.

Fitness Part
The teams are competing in a two day challenge. Participants are judged by a variety of fitness workouts including lunges, kettle bell swings, sand bag holds, pull-ups, burpees and lots more!

Why does this all matter? Because if team Reps For Rett wins in the top 10 of the overall challenge, RMRA receives 100% of the funds raised in the fundraising part, and ALSO receives one of the top 10 winning prices. First place means that the top winning team gets $22,000 to give to their charity. The tenth winning team still gets $2,000! As you can see, this is a huge amount and team Reps For Rett is counting on your help!

So you might be asking…

What can I do to support team Reps For Rett?

Donate funds: Please spread the word and support our Reps For Rett team by being generous:Donate Now to the Fundraiser

If you want, just copy this sentence and email it to your friends & family or post it on social media:
Help team Reps For Rett win the fundraising part of the Do More Charity Challenge. Donate generously now on have until 9/30!

Post on Twitter & Instagram: Save any of the images in the gallery below on your computer (open image, right mouse click, save to your computer).  Or just take a screenshot if you are doing it on your mobile device. Alternatively, find an inspiring Crossfit themed picture. Then share it on your Twitter and Instagram account. Don’t forget to include the hashtags #RepsForRett and #DMCC2017. Feel free to add some encouraging words for the team! You can also search for “RepsForRett” on Twitter and Instagram and see what is posted already! Please also encourage your friends and family to do the same – even daily until 9/30! Every point team Reps For Rett gets is important!

Cheer for team Reps For Rett: Come to the Front Range Cross Fit on September 30th and October 1st and cheer for team Reps For Rett in person. It’s free plus there will be vendors offering products and tasting of delicious food. We’ll keep you posted how the Do More Charity Challenge ends! In the meantime, go team Reps for Rett!