Our Mission

Rocky Mountain Rett Association is a member-based organization serving the Rocky Mountain region dedicated to improving the quality of life for girls and their families impacted by Rett Syndrome. We achieve this by providing supportive services and resources to girls and their families, engaging in advocacy, education and awareness efforts, and raising funds to support the search for a cure and improved treatment options.

Our Vision

Rocky Mountain Rett Association seeks a cure for Rett Syndrome. Until a cure for this disease is found, we envision a region where girls with Rett Syndrome and their families have access to the resources, care and support they need, where the public is aware of, engaged and active in addressing this debilitating disease, and where improved treatments are found to help our girls live a little easier.

Our Values

In order to meet our mission and vision, RMRA upholds the following values in all aspects of the organization. We strive to be:

  • Inclusive
  • Transparent
  • Accessible
  • Compassionate
  • Committed
  • Determined
  • Collaborative
  • Focused

Who We Are Our Team