Our Team

  • Rick Hill

    Rick is a Colorado native who spends his free time enjoying much of what this beautiful state has to offer. He is a graduate of the University of Colorado-Boulder, and is the Managing Director of a Global IT Services and Recruitment firm. He has been instrumental in leading high performing engaged teams, scaling local services, […]

  • Carrie Rose-Matens

    Carrie’s daughter is afflicted with Rett, but she is convinced that Rett will be cured in her daughter’s lifetime and she wants to be part of it! She is a board member to help people affected by Rett Syndrome by providing personal and professional support and to spread awareness of this awful disorder.

    Position: Vice President of Family Services, Rett Clinic Liason

    EMAIL: carrie.rose-matens@rmrett.org

  • Celeste Spiers

    Celeste is an inactive CPA with 6 years experience with an international accounting firm. Having a fast experience as treasurer for non-profits, she is proud and excited to be a part of RMRA. Her goal is to help the organization with financial management as it continues to grow and raise funds for research and treatment […]

    EMAIL: spierscm@comcast.net

  • Corinne Magid

    Based on the exciting research in the past few years, Corinne truly believes a cure for Rett Syndrome is not just a dream, but can become a reality soon if we work together now. She is a mother and volunteers because she wants to support parents of girls with Rett to help improve the lives […]

  • Jessica Lindsley

    Jessica Lindsley grew up in Massachusetts. Immediately after earning her bachelors degree from Babson College, she went west to find new adventures. Along the way, she married a fly-fishing guide and picked up a few fly-fishing skills. After living in Wyoming for almost a decade, she and her husband decided to move to Colorado to […]

    EMAIL: jessica.lindsley@rmrett.org

  • John Schaffner

    John is an old time cowboy with lots of irons in the fire. He is a cowboy poet and chuckwagon cook as well as an auctioneer and real estate broker. He and his wife, Roberta live near Wray, Colorado. They have 13 grandchildren. One of their granddaughters, the gorgeous Miss Martilee Covington, has Rett Syndrome. […]

    EMAIL: jschaffner51@yahoo.com

  • Justin Allen

    Justin is a Video Systems Engineer in the Telecom space and has lived in Colorado for most of his life. He is married with three children, one of which has Rett Syndrome. Besides spending time with his family, Justin loves riding his Harley, boating, dirt biking and camping. As Metro State University of Denver graduate […]

    EMAIL: Justin.Allen@rmett.org

  • Kara Penn

    Kara Penn, MBA, MPP, is owner and principal at Mission Spark, a management consulting firm dedicated to leading organizational change and improvement in complex and often resource-constrained settings. Kara has fifteen years of experience in senior leadership positions with organizations throughout the United States, including as founder, director, chair, and board member. She has led […]

    EMAIL: kara@missionspark.org

  • Kathleen Reynolds

    Kathleen is a retired Physical Therapist with 13 years experience working with a number of girls including Rett Syndrome. Coming from Alamosa, she received her degree at the Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wis.

    Position: Secretary

    EMAIL: kathleen.reynolds@rmrett.org

  • Patrick Callahan

    Patrick Callahan grew up in LaGrange, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. After receiving an undergraduate degree in 1987 from Drake University he moved to Colorado, where he vacationed as a kid and always knew he would return. Since moving to Colorado, Patrick received a graduate degree from the University of Denver, has worked in the […]

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